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Pivot Head Linestop MachinePivot Head Linestop Machine
Pivot Head Linestop Machine

Linestop Pivoting Head Machines

Manufacturer: 2LBin.com
SKU: TopStop1000 Category: Equipment.
IFT uses a wide range of Linestop machines to perform pipeline connections and isolations using these line stopping machines. Our experience hot tapping pipeline ranges 37+ years and counting. Our machines work to get the job done right the 1st time.

The TOP STOP 1000 was designed to linestop high pressure lines up to 1000 psi. The head tilts down so that it can pivot into the pipeline. When the wheels touch the bottom of the pipe, they guide the head and sealing element into place. The line pressure presses the cup up against the walls of the pipe to help set the seal.

Capabilities from: 1"- 48"
Temperatures up to: 500 F (260 C)

Units in box: 1
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