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IFT Completion Plug AssembliesIFT Completion Plug Assemblies
IFT Completion Plug Assemblies
IFT Completion Plug

IFT Completion Plug Assemblies

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IFT uses a wide range of Linestop completion plug assemblies to perform pipeline connections and isolations with our linestop machines. Our experience welding and using these style of completion plugs dates back to the origins of the design with our 37+ years of experience and counting. Our fittings work to get the job done right the 1st time.


The completion plug fits into the flange and seals with an O-ring against the inside of the nozzle. The plug is held in place by the pin assembly that is installed from the outside with an Allen wrench. Once the completion plug is set, the temporary valve can be removed and a blind flange can be installed over the assembly as a secondary cover. One benefit of using this type of fitting is that the access can be utilized later to re-stop the line through the original linestop fitting if needed.Completion Plug AssembliesIFT Folder Fitting - Weld Type
Completion Plug SpecsThe IFT Completion plug assemblies come in many different styles. IFT completion plugs for pressures through 300 psi. use a pin type assembly that requires boring and threading of the flange. The inside threaded hole holds a retainer pin which threads into the top groove of the completion plug. The outside thread is tapered to match a pipe plug that seals the pin assembly.


Pin Style Completion PlugsCall for pricing. 1-800-221-3332

Pin Style Completion Plugs

4" - 60"  150 psi working Pressure
Flange – Completion Plug – O-ring – Set-pins & Dry plugs
Flange - Forged steel weld neck ANSI Class E 150lb Drilled
O-Ring - Buna-N for use with Water, Sewage & Natural Gas
Set Pins - ASTM-F-912 Alloy steel heat treated Cl 3a thread fit
Rockwell Hardness C-45-53, conforms to ASME/ANSI B-18.3

Completion Plugs: IFT Completion Flanges and Plugs come in many styles. These are used to allow removal of the temporary Linestop® Valve after work is completed so the valves can be used on the next project. Blind flanges are left at the Linestop® location and can be removed and re-stopped at a future date.


Completion Plug Diagram
Completion Plug Holder


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