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IFT STP Stainless Steel Linestop FittingIFT STP Stainless Steel Linestop Fitting

IFT STP Stainless Steel Linestop Fitting

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IFT uses a wide range of Linestop fittings to perform pipeline connections and isolations with our line stopping machines. Our experience welding and using these style fittings dates back to the origins of the design with our 37+ years of experience and counting. Our fittings work to get the job done right the 1st time.

Stainless Steel Linestop Fitting

The IFT STP fitting is well known in the water and wastewater industries for line stopping many pipelines. Its lightweight, ease of installation and low price makes it practical for these applications. The design features a full seal around the pipe for fragile mains. Two styles are available: STP- standard style has a size on size outlet STPR - has a reduced outlet for IFT folding head or IFT Flow Master stopping equipment. The STP is also compatible with other line stopping equipment. (Please call for more information.)

STP Stainless Steel Linestop Fitting Diagram


IFT Q-Ring Seal Linestop Saddle

The Q-Ring Seal Saddles are constructed of carbon steel and are available with shop coat or fusion epoxy coating, including stainless or low alloy bolts and nuts. These saddles are well suited for many applications. On fragile pipelines, outlet size should not exceed 75% of the pipeline main. See IFT Mechanical Joint for a larger bypass.IFT Q-Ring Seal Linestop Saddle
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