Industrial Pipe Leak Locating Services

Industrial Pipe Leak Locating Services:

IFT provides freeze plug services on all industrial pipeline systems to locate small leaks nationwide. We specialize in natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum high-pressure pipeline systems. All pipelines are prepped by using a pipe inspection gauge or 'pig' to perform various maintenance operations on a pipeline system also known as 'pigging.' Water is then added to replace the fluid to help in the freezing and leak locating process. This is a plugging process IFT specializes in nationwide. Jeff Maichel, President of IFT, says "chasing a minute leak, that is only losing 1/10 of a pound every 20 minutes is a task our pipe freeze plug specialists are qualified to do here at IFT. We will work tirelessly day and night till the leak is located using our very own liquid nitrogen trucks to help expedite finding leaks." In the slideshow below IFT narrowed down a leak on a 12 mile stretch of crude oil to 600' of pipe. 300 feet of pipe was exposed and the leak was promptly located and repaired. A job well done using IFT's services.

Advanced Freeze Dog Leak Locating Services

Gas Leak Successfully Located with our Freeze Services

In this image: The pipeline apparently had a pinhole leak somewhere in the 20-mile stretch. So to fix the fix the problem, IFT was called to perform FreezePlugs to determine the location of this leak. Essentially, it is like finding a needle in a haystack when the pipe is buried.

The line was filled with water and pressurized to 2100 psi. The FreezePlug was installed at the 10-mile mark. After the FreezePlug was established a noticeable drop in pressure was observed which told us which way to freeze next. The FreezePlug was thawed and IFT moved downstream and froze another location telling which direction the leak was.

After a number of FreezePlugs, it was determined that the pinhole leak was in a 300’ stretch so the pipe was stripped of dirt exposing the leak.

Valve Installation and Replacement Services Slideshow

Pipe freezing can be performed on a variety of pipes, including:

1/2" to 36" (13mm to 914.4mm) OD
CoCast & Ductile Ironated & Lined Pipe
Vertical, Horizontal, Inclined
Out of Round Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Internally / Externally Coated
Cement Lined / CMLC

Pipe freezing can be performed in most locations, including:

Malls & Shopping Centers
Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants
Hotels & Apartment Complexes
Paper Mills
Hospital & Institutions
Industrial & Commercial Production Facilities
Telecommunications Industry
Water & Sewage Treatment
Office Buildings
Fire Protection Systems
Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
Commercial Buildings
Isolation for Hydrostatic Testing
Leak Locating
Isolation for repairs or modification