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QT Qualtech Linestop MachinesQT Qualtech Linestop Machines

Linestop Folding Head Machines

Manufacturer: 2LBin.com
SKU: FoldingHeads Category: Equipment.
IFT uses a wide range of Linestop machines to perform pipeline connections and isolations using these line stopping machines. Our experience hot tapping pipeline ranges 37+ years and counting. Our machines work to get the job done right the 1st time.

Folding head machinery was designed for low cost line stopping on all types of pipelines. For example, by utilizing folding equipment IFT can stop a 60" line through a 36" tap. For futher information contact our office.
• 14” - 84” Line Stops
• 150 psi Working Pressure
• For Mortar Lined and Out of Round Pipelines

IFT-Diagram 1 of the folding headLine stopping head installed, stopping existing flow and re-routing it thru bypass outlet.
IFT-Diagram 1 of the folding headLine stop fitting installed and hot tapped. Line stop head connected to temporary access valve and bypass line connected.
IFT-Diagram 1 of the folding headLine is capped, new valve is installed or modified. The bypass outlet can be removed or left as a permanent bypass. Line stopping equipment removed under pressure.
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